Next-generation digital musical instruments
for people with special needs

Collaborative music-making app

HandI (iOS / Android)

HandI is a motion-based digital musical instrument (DMI) app. Instead of relying on users’ direct-touch finger input as in ordinary mobile apps, this app makes use of the orientation of the smartphone as the input control for musical expression.

Make music without barriers

Our music tech solution make use of mobile apps as the backbone to support collaborative music-making and social interaction for people with special needs. Without relying on precise finger movement and visual clue, the sensory input afforded by modern-day smartphones allows hand gesture and head movement to be transformed as meaningful data for music processing, which enables people with various cognitive and mental impairments to make music.

Solution for wellbeing and social interaction

We develop music tech with educational resources that guide you to use the technologies in the classroom or community settings. It allows the musical communication among players, who could collaborative play music without prior knowledge or demanding motor skills. By making music together as an one, they learn how to interact with each other in which the social skills could be transferable to their daily life.